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Searching for the Truth

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It all began when I was nine years old. I went to Church, as always, but I felt like I was missing something, although I was not sure what exactly that was. At that time I had been to Christian private schools. I was northern baptise. I left that and went to the southern baptise Church for around a year, which wasn’t benefiting me since I felt they weren’t really saying anything; all I had heard was history.

So I went to an Assembly of God Church. These people were all into understanding the spirit. It was a nice feeling to have about me, but it was still only part of the story. I felt that I needed to look farther.

So I looked yet again to see what I could find. I found the Catholic Church. That was a shock to what I have learned so far. At this point I knew well about God and Jesus, and about this Holy Spirit they speak of and only one place knew about it.

At the Catholic Church I attended one of their classes weekly and at home I talked to some Jehovah witnesses. I would sit down with both religions and compare the three bibles to each other.

I learned why the bibles where different and why they were understood wrong, but it raised a new question in my mind: where did it all start?

I prayed that God would give me the answer.

Then one day I was in a book store with a few friends and this guy walked up to me when I was alone. He answered my question out of the blue. He gave me a list and told me to walk back the line.

When my friends started to come back to me the guy said he had to go and walked around the shelf and disappeared just as quickly as he appeared. I asked my friends if they saw him. They were surprised, telling me that no one was in the book store except them. So I started to do as he said.

Later I learned about a few little Christian sects and then moved to California to learn about Buddhism. There I learned all about the chants of the ten worlds and where it came from.

Simultaneously I attended a group of Christian Scientologists. They were very strange people, but I would sit and talk with them about what I learned against what they taught.

From there I went back to Florida and started to hear about Islaam from different people I met on the Internet. One day I had this feeling to go to one of the Islaamic chat rooms and just sit there and listen to them speak about Islaam for a while. From my nature, I could not sit there and do nothing, so I jumped into the topic between Islaam and Christianity.

I was pointing out what I knew from my travels and one of the Muslims there started to talk to me separately. He liked that I knew so much and started to point out that all the knowledge I had was already in the ’Qura~n.

This intrigued me. So I started to read parts of the ’Qura~n. One day the Muslim who first talked to me told me about the Shahadah and taught me the concept and words. He asked me if I believed in it totally and if I could say it from my heart. I found that I could. It was the truth. I had found the truth. So he invited me this Islaamic room where I announced my belief to everyone there.

The next day I was so happy. Every one was asking what happened and I just said I was in a great mood. But now I understand what it was I felt.

It was Allaah and I will ever give that up.
Debbie Miller -
Debbie Miller is an American and currently resides in the U.S.Read More >>


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