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Chatting My Way to Islam

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My name is Marie and this is my story of how I found my creator.

I was on a net chat program, where I would go to music rooms, trivia rooms, and friendship rooms and just have a laugh with the other "roomies".

On one particular evening, as I was merrily chatting in one such room, I received a pm (private message). It was from a young Palestinian man. He began to tell me about life in Palestine, life under occupation, things he had personally witnessed happen to many of his friends and family. I am ashamed to say, I knew very little of the plight of Palestinians at this time, and the things he told me was a shocking eye opener for me.

As weeks turned into months, I got to know more of this young man. He was at that time, 19 years old; just over one year older than my own son. He was trying to study at university, but it was hard for him to even be allowed past the check points some days, and he missed many important classes.

Many times he had me in tears from the things he told me of, being at the funeral of friends he had grown up with, seeing his neighbours’ homes flattened by bulldozers, seeing their land being stolen from under their feet.

Through all he had seen and experienced, he would always say “alhamdulilah”, “masha’ Allah”, and “insha’Allah”. I asked him of these words, what did they mean? For the sake of Allah, if Allah wills and so on. He still had love for God? He still had faith that his "Allah" loved him and was with him.

This had a huge impact on me. Here was a young man, the same age group as my own son, yet their life experiences were a million miles apart. I knew I had to find out more of this "Allah". So I began to look for Islamic rooms instead of music rooms, and I found a room which welcomed me and allowed me to ask questions and patiently took the time to give me answers.

I listened to lectures, and learned of Tawheed, the oneness of my Creator Allah Almighty. I heard stories of the life of the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H and all he endured with dignity, patience and love for Allah Almighty. I began to read the Qur’an and slowly, week by week, month by month, it began to make perfect sense to me. I had found the purpose of my existence. I had finally found my Creator, Allahu Akbar.

This happened to me nearly three years ago, and I said the Shahadah on the evening of Eid two years ago in an Islamic chat room. I still attend these rooms, and I still learn so much from the brothers and sisters who are there. I have even been taught how to recite fluently in Arabic and fully understand many Surahs of the Qur’an and insha’Allah this continues in a daily class.

I also renewed my Shahadah at my city Masjid and said it again for my imam, “La illaha illa Allah wa ashaddo ana Muhammadan rasul Allah”. There is no other god but Allah Almighty and Muhammad P.B.U.H is the final messenger of Allah Almighty.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! (Allah is greater than anyone and anything else).

I truly love my deen, and for the sake of Allah Almighty I love each and every one of my brothers and sisters in Islam.

May Allah Almighty continue to grant us the patience to learn our deen and strengthen our iman (faith), Ameen. 

Marie -
Marie originally wrote her revert story on the Daralislamlive.com forum in the 'New to Islam' section.Read More >>

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