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Reflections on “My Exhaustion”

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This poem has an Arabian theme, based on true love between a wife and her husband. In the poem, an Arab woman is talking about her husband and how she waits for him to return and how she feels when she is with him. The message that Kholood wanted people to understand is that true love is something that keeps a person content, challenged, inspired, and always growing as an intellectual human being.

Kholood also wanted to show people the beauty of the Arabian culture, which is why she incorporated everything with an Arab twist. Her intent when writing the poem was to share the pride she feels in being Saudi Arabian and the poem is in fact dedicated to her country.

You are like whispers in my ear,
A faint Arabian lute strumming in the night,

Playing softly to the forlorn stars and my heart
Under our camel hair weaved tent.

Every word that you have uttered
Hangs in the abyss of my soul,

Like the seven Hanged Poems suspended on the ka'bah's ancient walls;
A dedication of infatuated lovers' agonies to their beloveds.

Your voice, one that I impatiently wait to hear,
Like the Arabian horses' hoofs bringing our warriors home,

Wounding me with memories of days richly seasoned with contentment.
I pray to Allah that I see you,

I hide behind my obsidian silk veil,
So that you may not see my cheeks dye themselves in blood.

Yet my kohl tainted eyes glance at you pouting, my lashes longing,
Waiting for you to come my way.

So mesmerized, my soul has ignited itself on fire.
Bringing me vigorously to life.

My eyes, overtaken by drought, have no more tears to shed.
I am parched with happiness in this desert land.

The only drink I wish to pour is the Arabic coffee that awaits you when you wake.
I have suffocated in the desert storms of your enrapturing soul,

And soared off the cliffs of your dignified heart like a saker falcon.
My scarlett henna stained hands have held a scimitar sword,

Challenging you in countless battles of intellect.
My body bruised, my feet pricked with thorns, I am exhausted.

You are my exhaustion,
An exhaustion that keeps me truly alive

Kholood Habiballa -

Kholood Habiballa [’Kulood ’Habeeb Allaah] is young Saudi Arabian poet who currently lives in the United States of America. She started writing poetry since she was in junior school.


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