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Beit Exa, A New Victim of the Segregation Wall

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On the summits of three high mountains, seer can clearly distinguish between a small numbers of simple houses with narrow roads, belong to the Palestinians, and huge luxurious ones surrounding by public parks and large roads, belong to the Israeli settlers.

This is the Palestinian village, Beit Exa, which located in the western north of Jerusalem. The population of this village is around 1500 which is a very small number comparing with the population of the nearby Israeli settlements which reach to 100000 settlers.

The people of Beit Exa were shocked before few days with the Israeli Bulldozers demolishing their farms and separate them from the Palestinian villages around Beit Exa.

Unclear future is waiting for the residences of Beit Exa. The majority of the people there wish to be located in the Palestinian side of the segregation wall, to preserve the remaining land of their village. The Israeli army had confiscated 363000 square meters. From the village lands to build the wall on it.

Mohammed Al-Dahla, the lawyer of the damaged people in Beit Exa, mentions that the Israeli army claimed that Beit Exa will stay out of the wall, and its people will be treated by a special martial law, the law of segregation areas. They will be allowed to travel to the other Palestinian villages through an Israeli checkpoint, but they will not be allowed to enter to the city of Jerusalem.

Recent gossips spread between the public their pretend that the Israeli government will join Beit Exa to Jerusalem province and exchange their Palestinian ID cards with Israel ones.

Billal Ghait -

Billal Ghait is a Palestinian journalist. He has a BA in journalism and political science, and is doing his master’s in international studies at Birzeit University.


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