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Noon Centre For Qur’anic Studies and Researches: A Deeper Look in the Holy Qur’an

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The marvels of the Holy Qur’an never cease. The Holy Qur’an is God’s words the meanings and miracles thereof never exhaust being the eternal intellectual miracle. Whenever man gives rise to doubts, the Holy Qur’an presents the manifest proof.

Whereas the ancient Muslim scholars talked about the rhetorical miracles of the Holy Qur’an, the contemporary ones talk about other aspects of the miracles such as the legislative, historical, scientific and mathematical miracles. Such aspects and others made the efforts of the Muslim of today in presenting the proof easier. The mathematical miracle, for instance, can easily abolish the false allegations of the orientalists as well as the doubt generators.

Nowadays, we can irrefutably prove through the mathematical inimitability that the Holy Qur’an neither increased nor decreased by any single letter. We can also prove that the ottoman calligraphy of the Holy Qur’an is divine inspiration i.e. dictated by revelation to the prophet P.B.U.H. This also applies to the order of the chapters (surahs) of the Holy Qur’an. More importantly is that fact proves, especially to the Arabs the prophecy of Mohammed P.B.U.H, because mathematics are facts easily understood by all peoples irrespective of their languages.

The individual efforts alone fell short of proving the inimitability of the Holy Qur’an. The issue is far beyond the capability of one centre or more.

However, there should be an initiative or a first step. Hence, there came the idea of establishing Noon Centre for the Qur’anic Researches and Studies. No matter what so modest the outset was, it is hoped, by Allah’s help and blessings, this centre will be the pioneer in Palestine and the area.

The Centre’s Objectives:
A. Following-up and developing the Miraculous Studies Particularly the Mathematical Miracles;
Every messenger of God should have evidence in support of his message. There is no place for any evidence other than the miracle. The miracles of the messengers of God were tangible and consequently enough as a proof at their times. All Allah’s messages, which preceded Islam, were limited in time and place. When the common and comprehensive message of Allah was revealed, the miracle had to be intellectual so that it would be able to give the proof at any time even after the departure of Prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H.

The intellectual miracle goes up along with the promotion of human perception and what man receives there from is proportionate to his understanding. There is no doubt that people nowadays are more capable to evaluate the intellectual miracle and they have better faculty for judgment and scrutiny.

Based on the above, we notice that researches in the Qur’anic inimitability are still below the required standard and far beyond the capabilities of contemporary man. Today, we can drink from the spring of this everlasting marvel.

B. Following-up the Studied Related to the Society and their Promotion;
The Holy Qur’an is in the first place, a book of guidance. Human race has never known throughout history such a book, which could bring about a great nation as the Holy Qur’an did. Moreover, the effectiveness and impact are in progress. It is beyond doubt that the contemporary publications to this effect are plentiful; but we aspire to present studies that conform to the requirements of the forthcoming period. Noon also hopes for taking part in rectifying the track of the contemporary researches and studies as some studies are not free from false or intended or not intended deviations.

C. Following up the studies in Qur’anic sciences especially the Qur’anic exegetics;
Qur’anic sciences include, interalia, many issues related to the Holy Qur’an such as History, compiling the Holy Qur’an, its ottoman calligraphy, recitations and the date of interpretation. There are other researches associated with the Islamic jurisprudence such as abrogation and inference. The Noon Centre is looking forward to present new and useful studies in this respect. Now, we can enrich this science through the mathematical miracles outcome.

D. Communication and Cooperation with Scholars and Researchers and Stimulating the Spirit of Research.
Some recession in the intellectual and scientific activities predominates the Holy Land. This is attributed to many factors among which is the continued emigration of the scientific minds as well as the historical struggle emanating from the fact that Palestine is a safeguarding land. Today, we can overcome these challenges by assembling the scattered scientific capabilities and the creation of a helpful and motivating atmosphere. This will, consequently enable us to create an intellectual and effective establishment, which constitutes inspiration to the Palestinian people, and communicates with its sister establishments in the Islamic world. There is no doubt that the achievement of this target will much help in realizing, by Allah’s will, the other objectives.

Means to Achieve Objectives:

  1. Establishing a library that includes all material related to the Qur’anic studies and researches whether for reading, listening, or calculation in order to be an easy term of reference and handy for the learners and the researchers in the centre and the vicinity.
  2. Publishing the studies and researches brought out by the Centre in various available publishing means for the benefit of others and to give the scholars the chance to criticize and give their observations thereat; thus, the Centre will be able to undertake the necessary development and enrichment.
  3. Organizing workshops, seminars, lectures and conferences.
  4. Cooperation with the universities and colleges specialized in the Qur’anic studies for the sake of activating the performance and the publicity of benefit.

Supervision :
Work at the Centre is over sighted by a ten-member board of trustees. The board appoints the director of the Centre along with the administrative body.

Contact Information:  
Tel: 00970 2 240 2088
Fax: 00970 2 240 1346
Address: P.O. Box 3763 Albireh,
Email: noon@p-ol.com
Website: www.islamnoon.com

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