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Pro Bureau is a consultant engineering office, with a growing reputation for its approachable, effective and thoughtful service. This is characterized by our intention to create clear, simple and elegant architecture with integrity.

Pro Bureau was established in December 1997 to provide a complete engineering design package as per the international codes and standards.

We work from our purpose-designed studio in Al-Khobar , Saudi Arabia, , with a collaborative approach to projects. Our experience is typified by our interest in the design and supervision process: technical issues, materials, context, environment, colour and placement in three dimensions. These beliefs are a source of inspiration to refine ideas in our creative loop.
Working for Allaah
We believe that every body has a great task to do in his life by working for the sake of his Creator through the talents and backgrounds gifted by Him.

We, at Pro Bureau, will put our talent in the cause of Allaah by providing our professional services free of charge for any charitable project. If any one wants to construct a charity project, the starting point is the design package. To contribute and assist in this charitable undertaking we will provide the complete design for free.

For the design process to commence, we would be needing information about the lot area, dimensions, laws and regulations in this area governing the set backs or maximum height, etc, and a copy of the land deed.

Our plan
We are planning to collect all charity projects designed by us or by other firms who are willing to offer their designs free of charge for charitable projects, and offer them for free download.  Example projects include:

1. Mosques
2. ’Qura~n schools
3. Schools
4. Hospitals
5. Clinics
6. Various projects serving people with disabilities
7. Housing or shelters for the poor
8. Orphanages
9. Others.

We are also looking for having a professional team from different countries to help in the project construction phase.
Therefore, if you find yourself ready professionally and willing to volunteer, please contact us to put your name and country in our professional volunteers list.
It is an open invitation to all who like to share their experience and donate their skills and efforts for a charitable cause to submit their names and CVs. The list of needed volunteers for such projects include, but is not limited to, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, or even support professionals like drivers, accountants, etc.

Please contact us at either of those addresses:

Let us save ourselves by saving others

I-MAG Team -
Furthur information is available at the Editorial Team page

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