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Muslim Professionals UK (MPUK): Be All you can Be!

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An organisation set up three years ago by a socially conscience individual is seeing his efforts go from strength to strength. Hanif Rehman, from Dewsbury set up Muslim Professionals UK (MPUK), in 2002. It is a network of professionals and community organisations that work together to benefit the community. What started off initially as a small service offering advice to immediate friends and family on personal development to help with C.V. and career advice has now mushroomed into an organisation that holds over a thousand members, has links with various networks.

The organisation raises awareness of key employment issues and helps to develop its members through workshops, seminars, lectures and cultural activities. For example, by offering mentoring services to young people Hanif believes it helps them realise their career ambitions and reach their full potential in life. Those who are already qualified and working in industry can also contribute by working with MPUK and will find it enormously gratifying and rewarding and knowing their involvement will be making a huge difference.

Hanif says: “There are organisations like this in America, Europe in fact all over the world, where professionals get together to volunteer their skills and knowledge for the greater good of the community.” The idea was born three years ago following his graduation from University. “I felt the need to put something back into the community,” says Hanif. “I believe we can only give so much in charity financially. By giving others practical help, my knowledge, time and experiences can also be charity.” Work that the organisation has carried out in the past and currently does so:

Organised Seminars
A number of seminars have been conducted with the main aim of these being to develop MPUK members. Many of these seminars focus on key issues that are faced by organisation members, for example: Leadership at work, management and self development.

Professional & Personal Development
One of the key aims of the organisation is the continuous development of the members and MPUK carry this out via a mentoring and coaching scheme. It offers a great way to help others and provides self-development opportunities as well as providing a forum for like-minded individuals to share experiences, interests and aspirations. MPUK will also offer the first Muslim Development workshop on the 16th, 17th and 18th of June 2006. Further information about the workshop will be posted soon on the MPUK website.

Networking Events
MPUK helps members build up contacts in the professional and social context. The majority of the members find that they cannot take part in social events where they go against the principles of their faith. MPUK is able to provide a wholesome avenue where members can participate fully in the exchange of knowledge, skills, information and experience without compromising their values and faith.

Charity & Social Events
MPUK is also active in raising money for charity by organising events and setting up emergency appeals where necessary. MPUK worked with Doctors World Wide to highlight the impact of the Asian Tsunami to working with other network partners managed to raise over £21,000 for the Kashmir relief fund.

Act as a voice for people’s faith and dispel misconceptions and improve diversity
The network allows a forum for members and non members, the government, employers and employees of any U.K. organisation to share their concerns and learn about Islam. MPUK strongly supports the government’s recent regulation outlawing discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.

MPUK also has a monthly newsletter that covers that above aspect and a website discussion board that allows its members to contribute to topics and learn from each other.

Future Aims
The organisation wishes to grow in size and have a reasonable representation or links with other like-minded community groups and individuals up and down the U.K.

The organisation is very eager especially to hear from those residents and organisations where a relationship can be formed by working together to provide a platform where MPUK can successfully grow and help others in the community.

Hanif feels the work provides a greater good than just to the individual: “Every youngster who goes on to have achieve something, who becomes a doctor or accountant or lawyer will immediately benefit himself, then obviously his family and over time the local community, as his professional services will be put back into the community and he will automatically become a role model for others. Success today will bring success for future generations.” Muslim Professionals UK, despites it name is not exclusive to Muslims. At its heart the organisation is broadly based around Muslim values but as Hanif stresses: “Our organisation is open to people of all faiths and no faith, everybody is welcome.

For further information
or call Hanif Rehman: founder of Muslim Professionals U.K. on 07970590749

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