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I.A.A. The Islamic Association of Australia

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Aims and Objectives
The Islamic Association of Australia (I.A.A.) is a non-profit, charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of the Islaamic religion, culture and social welfare. I.A.A. provides Islaamic education and encourages understanding of Islaam among other faiths and fosters better relations with other sections of Australian and worldwide communities.

A. Fataawa Department
This department is involved in the issuing of legal Islaamic opinions (fataawa) in all matters pertaining to Islaamic beliefs (‘A’qaa-d), marriage, divorce, business practices, inheritance, and ’Halaal/’Haraam issues, as well as many other subjects that affect the Muslim community.

Academy (’Qura~n School)
Traditionally, in Islaamic societies, the first education that children received was memorising the ’Qura~n. In an effort to revive and preserve this tradition, the I.A.A., has started the Tayiba [’Taybah] School of ’Qura~n memorisation. they are currently in their third year and we have over eighty regular students.

Foundation ‘Aalim Diploma (2 years program)
Tayiba Institute is dedicated to the traditional curriculum that was common in the great teaching institutions of the past. The curriculum includes ’Qura~n, ’hadeeth, jurisprudence, and spiritual psychology.
The Foundation ‘Aalim Diploma lasts for two years and is the introduction to the seven years ‘Aalim course.  The purpose of this course is to provide students with intensive basic Islaamic Studies which will give them an academic working knowledge of ‘Ilm Addeen (Studies of Religion). Students concentrate on learning Arabic language tools such as ’sarf and na’hu (morphology and syntax) that will enable them to study a series of classic texts found in all traditional ‘Aalim courses.

Periodical courses - Public and Adult Education Programs (Short intensive courses 6 to 12 weeks)
From time to time, Tayiba Institute has been conducting intensive short courses in areas that are in public demand. Several intensive programs have been completed and the participants of these courses are awarded with a certificate of attendance at the end of each course.

School of Languages
School of Languages (Arabic) has been approved by the Department of Education, Employment and Training Australia (D.E.E.T.A.) and runs in conjunction with the C.S.F. II (Curriculum Standards Framework II). Children aged from 7 to 12 years are eligible to study Levels 1, 2 and 3 modern standard Arabic.

B. The Social Welfare Department
Zakaah and ’Sadqah (alms and charitable donations) received by the organisation are also distributed to the needy and deserving. In addition to local and regional support, I.A.A. is supporting many overseas charity projects, including a 70 bed charity hospital.

Marriage Counselling Services and Advice Centre
The organisation has thus far provided free counselling to Muslim  couples experiencing marital problems and is also serving as an advice centre in other fields. It is also liaising with professional services or social workers to handle complex problems.

Local and International Correspondences
Numerous correspondences, both local and from other countries, have been received and relationships were established with other organisations from both religious and non-religious fields.

The I.A.A. Library
The IAA library houses hundreds of Islaamic books in several languages. The library also houses numerous audio, videotapes and software. These can be borrowed free of charge.

Lecture Tours
Organised within Australia, Pakistan, Fiji and wherever Islaam calls.

Overseas Guests
The IAA regularly invites distinguished ‘ulamaa- (scholars) to Australia on lecture tours organised by IAA. The organisation has also been blessed with the visit of many prominent ‘ulamaa- from overseas

Contact Info:
Postal address:
The Islamic Association of Australia
PO Box 808
Noble Park, Vic 3174

E-mail (general): info@irca.org.au
Website: www.irca.org.au
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