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Bridges Foundation: Peace making through Education

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Religion has always been taken as a ground to initiate wars throughout the history of humanity, so why Allaah Almighty (God) created us in different races?

Fadel Soliman [Faa’dil Sulaymaan], the former Imaam of the American University at Washington DC, the former host of “the Islaamic Show” in Channel 30 at the American TV, and the former host of “let the ’Qur a~n speak” at the American radio, explains this diversity from the Holy ’Qura~n which states:
“Oh, mankind! We created you from male and female and made you into nations and tribes that you may know each other.”


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Pro Bureau is a consultant engineering office, with a growing reputation for its approachable, effective and thoughtful service. This is characterized by our intention to create clear, simple and elegant architecture with integrity.
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Muslim Professionals UK (MPUK): Be All you can Be!

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An organisation set up three years ago by a socially conscience individual is seeing his efforts go from strength to strength. Hanif Rehman, from Dewsbury set up Muslim Professionals UK (MPUK), in 2002. It is a network of professionals and community organisations that work together to benefit the community. What started off initially as a small service offering advice to immediate friends and family on personal development to help with C.V. and career advice has now mushroomed into an organisation that holds over a thousand members, has links with various networks.

Solidarity on the ‘Hijaab. Hijab Unveiled: A Day of Reflection

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To mark International Hijab [’Hijaab] Solidarity Day 2005, Protect-Hijab hosted a conference on Hijab Unveiled: A Day of Reflection’ at the Kensington Town Hall, London, on September 9.

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Hijab Unveiled: A day Of Reflection

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Protect-Hijab Logo


Assembly for the Protection of Hijab

Hijab Unveiled

A day Of Reflection


Last Updated on Monday, 15 January 2007 16:06
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