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Green Pharmacy

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Welcome to the green pharmacy. in this section I will present two medical plants (herb, root, leaves, fruits, or seeds) that you can findaround you, and you will know an easy way to use them at home as a home remedy.

1. Chamomile (chamamaelum nobilis)
A relaxing herb, it is particularly useful for anxiety and tension.
It relieves tension headaches, and nausea, colic and flatulencedueto stress. It is safe for young children calming irritability, promoting sleep, and easing teething pains.

It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and is thus helpful for washing wounds, but especially useful in the treatment of itching and weeping eczema. As a douche, it helps relieve vaginal thrush.

How to use:
An infusion or tincture of flower heads is used internally, but only infusion is used externally. we can prepare infusion of chamomile by using 2 tea spoonful of chamomile flower heads then pour over a cup of boiling wate, cover the cup by led. Add sugar and leave to stand fiveminutes.

2. Garlic (allium sativum)
An excellent antimicrobial remedy for internal use, garlic kills organisms responsible for food poisoning and it may kill many common intestinal worms too. In addition, the volatile oils it contains pass from blood to lungs where they help disinfect respiratory tract in bacterial throat and lung infection.

Garlic is also an expectorant helping to clear the chest in colds and bronchitis. Applied to boils, varicose ulcers, and skin infections, crushed garlic encourages healing and speeds the demise of any infection. Garlic juice from fresh cloves helps to remove viral warts.

Garlic is best fresh for both internal and external use. The characteristic breath odour comes from the active ingredients and is necessary for best results. Commercial preparation is less active.

For internal use, cloves could be eaten whole, crashed in honey, used in salad dressings, or made into sandwich with parsley.

Radwa Samir -

Radwa Samir has a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Cairo University.


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