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Most people rely on stereotypes in formulating their thoughts and ideas, and tend to believe what they know only. Any new information that contradicts their common beliefs, even if true, is often shunned away as it is easier for the mind and ego not to disturb itself with contradictory information.

What if the mind and ego start to question the validity of their beliefs discovering that they could be mistaken and that they would look foolish if they continue to think the same way they used to? That mind and that ego will, therefore, be convinced easier with the truth.

Imagine the following scenario: Evil antibodies killing innocent bacteria inside the blood stream of a human body, and a reporter commenting on those evil killing perpetrated by one group on another, without mentioning that these are antibodies and those are bacteria. The viewer is convinced that the killers (not knowing they are antibodies) are evil and the victims (not knowing they are bacteria) are good,  thanks to the reporter, without knowing the true nature of each and why is this going on.

The above scenario is an example of how an event could be reported in such a way that would give an impression that is completely opposite to the truth.

It is an example of what is going on everyday in our world due to the effect of the biased media coverage, which conveys a distorted and incomplete image of the truth; the truth about the events happening all around the world, the truth about why there is a certain conflict, the truth about why certain people are behaving in a certain way, the truth about who is the true aggressor and who is innocent and the truth about who is defending himself and who is evil.

How about if the above reporting of the scenario is amended, and proper zooming is employed to reveal the nature of these objects and what is really going on and who is who and why; a report which says that actually the antibodies are defending the human body against the harmful and aggressive bacteria that are attacking it.

The events that have been going on for more than half a century in the Middle East and especially in Palestine, the rising misunderstanding between different peoples of the world with a resultant widening of gaps, and the most tragic events in Lebanon and how the aggressor was displayed as the victim and the defender displayed as a terrorist, have all contributed to establishing the Glaring Truth group.

The Glaring Truth group is an ongoing effort that aims at revealing the truth to the whole world regarding the political, historical, social, geographical and humanitarian aspects of the Middle East. We aim at dramatically convincing the stereotyped mind and ego that it could be mistaken by trying to present to the audience worldwide with the full true picture.

Glaring Truth is an initiative started by a group of people from different backgrounds, religions and cultures with one common goal in mind – to allow the light of truth to reach out to you.  It is not politically-affiliated in any way and does not, in any way, promote or affiliate itself with any particular organization.  It aims to reveal the truth of current and past events amidst the biased, clichéd and one-sided image that media often reflects to the public.  It is trying to reach out beyond the lies, ignorance, arrogance and personal motives of individuals and groups that have succeeded in building barriers and racial prejudice.  This has been responsible for the suffering of the human race worldwide and has allowed people to see their differences in an unfavorable light with the result being a never-ending conflict to annihilate the other.  The Glaring Truth demonstrates facts and builds bridges of understanding that supersede racial, religious and cultural differences.

. During our follow up of events, we came to the conclusion that what really shapes our present is not the war of armies, but the war of words. The Public Relations war, in an attempt to gain support for the aggressor’s side, is hijacking the world’s ability to think and choose. Extensive lies and obscured truths are the tools of choice. Accordingly, we decided to organize ourselves and initiate a forum to discuss how we can very professionally sustain a front that defends the truth and make sure it reaches the media and the public through the “Glaring Truth” group. Our efforts are based on humanitarian issues regardless of religion or race. In this group, you will find people who are trying to do something, and who are not just talking.

Within two weeks of our start, we managed to put a racist website under investigation for the possibility of shutting it down by the order of law.

Visit the Glaring Truth group at

In order to join the team and share in this noble effort of bringing peace to the world through conveying the truth and bridging gaps, please send an email introducing yourself to:

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