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The Smelliest Plant on the Planet

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The biggest flower in the world is blooming, causing a most incredible stink!

Known as a Titan Arum, this extremely rare botanical freak, shown below, has been planted in a giant pot within the lush depths for the Humid Tropics Biome.

The Titan originates within the tropical rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia, where it is also known as the corpse flower because of its putrid stench. It is a distant cousin of the lilies known as lords and ladies found in British hedgerows.

Visitors have been flocking to see this wonder of the plant world, but were warned that when it fully blossoms, it would give off a sickening odor.

The plant (Latin name is amorphophallus titanium) is distinguished by  its yellow, fleshy spike known as a spadix. This is wrapped in a single cream leaf which, when opened, reveals a deep crimson inside.

When it is ready to attract pollinators, the spike heats up and gives off the smell which revolts humans but is very alluring to insects. It then develops a fruit which attracts birds.

Tim Gregg, the gardener who has lovingly nurtured Eden’s Titan from a small tuber, said: “It is famous for its sheer size, shape and revolting smell. This has been likened to dead rats, decaying fish and burnt sugar.”

The other wonder is that the Titan Arum blooms only two or three times during an average 40-years life span.

Ali A. Naser -
Ali A. Naser [‘Aly Naa’sir] has a master's degree in electronics engineering from The Technical University - Varna, Bulgaria.Read More >>

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