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DaralislamLive.com: Enlighten Your Life!

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Do you speak Arabic? Good for you! As you can follow up what Amr Khaled says in Life Makers episodes and other past programs. But excuse me sir, I speak English, so what shall I do?!

From this simple fact, DaralislamLive.com had been established. DaralislamLive.com is a non-profit organisation (N.P.O.) which aims to provide an English translation portal for Amr Khaled and future preachers’ works and Islaamic literature which has not yet been translated into English. It is also a site which calls for creative and performing arts talented individuals to take part in projects to reform our Islaamic community.

In Arabic, “Dar Alislam” means “the home of Islaam”, where strangers worldwide unite in a close-knit community to integrate the teachings of the ’Qura~n and the Sunnah of the Prophet in their daily lives. “Live” calls people to “Live” again by improving themselves and the society around them; thus calling people to step out of the darkness and into the light and live productively in the home of Islaam.

Complementary, the main logo had to reflect a specific message: “to symbolise the message of Islaam that was revealed in Arabic, to which we are propagating via the English language. It also symbolises the translation projects DaralislamLive produces from the Arabic language into the English language”.

So we find that the “D” in English symbolises the English message, while the “Dal” (D in Arabic alphabet) symbolises the Arabic message. Both letters are connected with each other the way that both of DaralislamLive’s material from Arabic to English connects with each other, and also the way it connects the audience to Islaam. This logo is geared towards an audience who are mainly interested in the translations produced.

There’s a second logo, which is geared towards a general audience who are mainly interested in DaralislamLive’s various services, such as the creative and performing arts section, the projects section, the forums, and other sections which requires the audience to be practical and proactive participants. The dove symbolises peace, because Islaam is peace, and it is replacing the ‘D’ in order to represent the peaceful members of the home of Islaam who advocate peace, conciliation, or negotiation.

The dove is illustrated in a flying motion with wings spread out, which gives out the concept that all members of peace should spread their wings to success by living actively in their society and spreading Islaam through their positive actions. Doves were also messengers, thus a means of communication, which also symbolises the mission that each person has. The leaves around the letters ‘A’ and ‘R’ symbolise the continuous progress and productivity of the da’wah mission everyone works so eagerly towards.

People there had this definite mission; to make a positive difference in the lives of people who do not understand the Arabic language and long to read influential Islaamic literature, such as the works of Amr Khaled and other influential texts.

To framework its mission, DaralislamLive.com had listed the following objectives:

  • To clear out any misconceptions of Islaam;
  • To promote the true, peaceful Islaam via their work;
  • To create an online community that is proud of their Islaamic identity;
  • To create an awareness of the teachings of Islaam via their work;
  • To encourage their online community to come up with new ideas to promote Islaam;
  • To make their online community a place where people can use their skills to benefit the community, discover their hidden talents and develop them;
  • To give their online community a sense of belonging; a real online family that supports each other via encouraging each other to take part in good, beneficial and productive actions.

For that matter, they plan to achieve this mission through propagating Islaam and ultimately via:

  1. Translating the works of Amr Khaled into the English language, since it is the main and widely-spoken language;
  2. Translating various influential lectures from a wide range of preachers who propagate Islaam;
  3. Taking part in other peaceful da‘wah projects on the website to encourage volunteers to use their skills, talents and knowledge for the sake of Allaah.

There had been co-operation with Amrkhaled.net, as it has uploaded DaralislamLive’s “The Manners” translations in the languages section. DaralislamLive is working to ask to have a link or section on Amrkhaled.net in order for a wider audience to benefit from the many of translations it has completed.

Translated work that DaralislamLive.com has completed are:

  • Tarawee’h Series 1422 Rama’daan;
  • Konouz, Rama’daan 1424 (2003);
  • Konouz, Rama’daan 1425 (2004);
  • ’Qura~n Contemplations, 2003;
  • The Family;
  • The Caliphs;
  • The Mothers of the Believers;
  • The Companions;
  • International Lectures (delivered abroad);
  • Until They Change What is within Themselves;
  • The Guidance;
  • Palestine;
  • Live Discussions;
  • Curing the Hearts;
  • Worship;
  • The Manners;
  • Other Lectures;
  • Written magazine and newspaper articles by Amr Khaled shown on Amrkhaled.net;
  • Amr Khaled’s News page on Amrkhaled.net;
  • Schedule of T.V. Shows and Visits page on Amrkhaled.net;
  • Cartoons Gallery on Amrkhaled.net;
  • Send a letter to Amr Khaled page on Amrkhaled.net;
  • Amr Khaled’s Profile on Amrkhlaled.net;
  • Start Here page on Amrkhaled.net
  • Other various articles, surveys, sections and forum articles on Amrkhaled.net

 Finally, if you want to have “’sada’qah jaariyah”, (continuous/flowing charity in Arabic) and to have an excellent opportunity to do something for your community, please feel free to be a volunteer at DaralislamLive.com and become one of the various members who are gathered from all over the world, where the youngest member is 15 years old, and the oldest is 57.

You have the choice to either be among the translators, graphic and flash designers, editors and proof-readers, marketers, web designers, programmers, web developers, and P.D.F. booklet illustrators, video subtitle members, forum moderators, researchers, advertisers, chat room operators, audio recorders, team co-ordinators and administrators who are all working under the main slogan of DaralislamLive.com; Enlighten Your Life!

Contact DaralislamLive.com
e-mail: info@daralislamLive.com
Website: www.daralislamLive.com


Hicham Maged -

Hicham Maged [Hishaam Maajid] has a bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning and design.


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