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Hadeer: Youth Shout in Actions

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Hadeer is an Arabic word that refers to the strong sound water currents produce. Inspired by Amr Khaled’s TV show “Life Makers”, Hadeer came to voice the concerns and ambitions of the Muslim youth. Hicham Maged reports the story of their success.

Sometimes, we find ourselves in a situation where our voic can't reach people to tell them the truth, and then what shall we do? We simply shout aloud and cheers in actions rather than words!

From this simple fact, Hadeer Organisation was initially established in Beirut, Lebanon. The story began 5 years ago in January 2000; when a group of young Muslims had joined forces together in order to clarify the distorted image about Islam in most Western and Arab outlets.

They were aware of the media’s influence and how it shapes the public’s opinion. Thus they set a goal to change this image by providing the real image about Islam.

In Arabic, Hadeer means “loud voice”. It's used to describe the voice of waves. So simply, Hadeer Association is not shouting aloud for the sake of anger, rather it's shouting out in a loud voice – or Hadeer – to explain who Muslims are in a professional and dynamic way, by using a very effective tool in the 21st Century, which is the media.

Complementary, the logo had to reflect a specific message: “to deliver messages using media tools in a peaceful way”. In order to achieve this target, Pigeons had been introduced because they were used as the first media tool to send messages. The idea of the two pigeons across each other was a way to reflect the two way communication that they rely on to achieve this target.

Hadeer is a non-profit media organisation (N.P.O.), where all members, males and females, work together on a volunteer basis, creating strong bonds between members to raise a big family spirit.

The profits collected from any project with fundraising & donations are used to finance and execute future potential projects. Hadeer is an independent organisation which is neither an “Islamic organisation” nor affiliated to any political/religious group.

To framework its mission, Hadeer had listed the following objectives:

  • Clear out misconceptions about Islam.
  • Promote an unbiased image of Islam in the media.
  • Provide a proud Islamic Identity.
  • Create the right environment for new comers to Islam.
  • Create Media awareness.
  • Create new modern, non-classical designs in our projects, the “Hadeer Style”.
  • Send indirect messages in all projects via Mainstreams Media.
  • Provide parent/child educational awareness.

Surely these objectives have a target audience who have no age/religion restriction, yet preferably the uprising generation, who have one or more of the following criteria:

  • They don’t have interest/knowledge in Islam.
  • They have misconceptions about Islam.
  • They can’t find the right environment.

Since the media is the clue to unlock the closed doors, Hadeer focused on using Media Mainstreams; for that matter we can find that their projects have 4 main themes (Physical and Virtual):

  • I. Productions: (Music, Video Clip, TV & Documentary).
  • II. Publications: (Books, Cards, Calendars & Gadgets).
  • III. Events: (Mosques, Basketball Tournament, Iftar & Joint Venture Events).
  • IV. The Internet: (Hadeer.com).

Each of these 4 themes aims to fulfil Hadeer’s missions and objectives, mentioned earlier.

So if you find your image - as a Muslim - wrongly understood, then you should shout out loud! When you feel you can do something positive to your community, then you should out loud! If you want to shout out loud in a dynamic way, just look for Hadeer.

Contact Hadeer:
Hadeer Organisation
P.O. Box 114-5051
Beirut – Lebanon (Headquarter)


Hicham Maged -

Hicham Maged [Hishaam Maajid] has a bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning and design.


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