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"Life Makers" Comes Back Full of Life

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Amr Khaled is an Egyptian auditor, currently resides between Lebanon and the U.K. He has a B.A. in commerce, a diploma in Islamic studies and is presently a PhD candidate at the University of Wales, U.K.

Amr Khaled, a name that instantly brings to the mind the picturesque imagery of a modern-day preacher with the aim to reform the spiritual and practical lives of all those who devotedly watch his shows. Only 38, Khaled has already made a significant contribution to the da’wah field via influential programs such as “The Beloved Companions”, “Ramadan Nights” and “Until They Change Themselves.” These shows are widely acclaimed with dedicated audiences, eager to feed their souls with Islamic information in an easy-to-understand, eloquent and humble manner such as Khaled’s.

This new style of preaching became a phenomenon, encouraging Khaled to integrate the spiritual and practical world of Islam in his discourse. 2004 was the year Khaled presented the show “Life Makers” which aims to practically reform the nation. Currently in stage 3 of the show, khaled aims to accelerate the passionate drive of the youth, and all those who have initiatively contributed, including people from other religions, to urbanise their society via projects that will make a difference in their lives and the world as a whole. Khaled’s shows inspires the viewers to recognise that a Muslim is not a person who just worships Allah and hopes for the best, a Muslim is a person who submits to Allah through spiritual acts of worship and simultaneously reforms the earth; the practical mission of all humans since the days of Adam.

When Life is Made Not Just Lived!
Life Makers is a TV show that sees itself as a project dedicated to development. Life Makets “does not ally itself to any religious, political or factional institution” according to amrkhaled.net. “It seeks to achieve a total revitalisation in all the aspects of life, through installing the values of success into the souls of the participants. It seeks to enthuse them with positivness and direct them towards developing their societies instead of being directed towards crime or terrorism.”

“Life Makers” Objectives:

  1. Seeking to instigate a revival that would participate in propelling the world towards advancement and prosperity;
  2. Seeking to bring about a new generation with an active and an effective role in the development of the society;
  3. Seeking to replace the state of despair and depression, that has taken  hold of the youth, with a state of  hope and optimism about a better future.
Download “Life Makers” brochure that has all the details about the idea of the revival program and the achievements of the first and second stage:


For more information: http://www.amrkhaled.net


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