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All One Hand: Together Hand in Hand We Make Life!

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Can anyone do anything for his community alone? The answer is no; as people need to work together in order to achieve something for the community.

Islaam called us to work for the community in parallel with the personal worshipping acts (like praying and fasting...etc.) as those two complementary ways are the roadmap to gain rewards from Allaah.

From this simple fact, All One Hand Team had been established 1 year ago in 2004 in Cairo - Egypt.

All One Hand is a group of youth – boys and girls – who had decided to work together – Hand in Hand – in order to act within the community for making it better via the charity work.

All One Hand is the English translation for there Arabic name which’s “Kolana Eid Wahda”; as the basic spirit within them is the “team work”.

Since the beginning of their work, “kids” who need real help was the basic scope of work; as helping those kids is a basic part of Muslim social life which our beloved prophet Mu’hammad told about.
Complementary, the logo had to reflect a specific message: “To give our hands for people who need help in the community in general and kids especially.”

For that matter, the big hand represents the team member hand, while the small hand represents kids who need help, and uniting the two hands together help in fulfilling the goal; as always the adult must take care of kids and guide them to safety.

To framework their mission, All One Hand had listed the following objectives:
1. To gain reward from Allaah via our work within the community.
2. To make balance between charity work and team members’ private work/study.
3. To focus the scope of work mainly with kids in different places.
4. To give help for poor people who are suffering from cancer (kids and none).
5. To give help for disabled people (kids and none).
6. To give help for poor people who are living in the slum areas.
7. To support very poor people in Rama’daan and Eid by providing them bags with food.
8.To participate in different revival projects within different stages of Life Makers.

Since 2004 until now, All One Hand had participated in different activities under various categories which can be listed as follows:-
A. Helping poor people:
All One Hand used to organise regular exhibitions in order to support poor people to help them in finding good quality stuff, like clothes and shoes and home equipments. Those exhibits are usually in held the seasons like back to school or celebrating Eid.
For that matter, they had organised three successful exhibitions as follows:
a. 1st exhibition on 30/09/2004
b. 2nd exhibition on 01/11/2004
c. 3rd exhibition on 01/03/2005.

B. Sustaining Orphan Kids:
All One Hand are taking care of orphan kids who already had place to live in (orphanage), and this activity includes supplying the orphanage with some stuff which they don’t have and organising parties for the orphan kids in order to make them happy.
For that matter, they had organised two main parties as follows:
a. Party for orphan kids who live in orphanage on 31/1/2005.
b. Big party for orphan kids within the “Orphan Day” on 1/4/2005.

C. People who have Cancer:
Visiting and helping sick persons is a must as it’s an important part of Muslim social life.
For that matter, they start supporting poor people who suffer from cancer, and this happens via making regular visits to different places which deal with treating cancer - especially National Cancer Institute - and work as volunteers in various activities which are found there. In addition, they are also giving hand to buy cancer medicines there.

D. Very poor people:
Muslims are called to help poor people, and for that matter, All One Hand is trying there best to do so. They also contribute with other groups to help people in slum areas especially.

Last Rama’daan and ‘eed ala’dha 1426 A.H./2004 A.D. they had done some activities which include:
a. Distributing “Rama’daan Bag” which contains the essential food materials for all Rama’daan. They had distributed 160 bags.
b. Organising “If’taar Rama’daan” for some orphan kids accompanied by giving them some simple toys.
c. Distributing meat on “Eid ul-Adha” among very poor family who can’t afford to buy it.
d. Distributing blankets among very poor families in slum area, who can’t afford to buy it for the last winter.

E. In the field of revival projects:

They are currently preparing some projects within the 3rd stage.

Simply, if you feel yourself want to share in there activities don’t hesitate and put your hand in their hands, to be all one hand.

Contact Info
E-mail: kolena_eid_wahda@yahoo.com


Hicham Maged -

Hicham Maged [Hishaam Maajid] has a bachelor's degree in architecture and urban planning and design.


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