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The Pacifism of Islaam

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According to the ’Qura~n, war represents an “unwanted obligation” which has to be absolutely carried out with strict observance of particular humane and moral values and resorted only when it is inevitable. In a verse, it is explained that those who start wars are the disbelievers and that God does not approve wars: “…Each time they kindle the fireofwar,Allah extinguishes it. They rush about the earth corrupting it. Allah does not love corrupters.”(Chapter of Almm-idah, verse 64)

A closer examination of Prophet Mu’hammad’s life reveals that war is a method resorted for defensive purposes only in unavoidable situations. 


One of Righteous Deeds: 'Haj

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“Righteous deeds” (A‘maal ’Saale’hah) are one of the key concepts of the ’Qura~n.

In Arabic, the word “righteousness” comprises the meanings of good, beneficial and right. In Arabic, the verb “to amend” (I’slaa’h) is also derived from the same root.

Consequently, in English, every type of beneficial and good work or action done for the good of religion is expressed by the word “righteous deed”.

Rama’daan: A Month Of Unity For Muslims

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The ’Qura~n, to which falsehood can never draw near, which leads people out of the darkness and into the light and onto the path of our All-Wise, All-Knowing and Praiseworthy Lord, which is a guide, a source of glad tidings and a mercy for all Muslims, and a reminder and a comfort for those who fear Allah, was revealed in the month of Rama’daan.

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The High Morality of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.)

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As a verse of the ’Qur a~n reveals, “… Mu’hammad is the Messenger of Allaah and the Final Seal of the Prophets.” (Surat al-A’hzaab: 40), the Prophet Mu’hammad (P.B.U.H.) was sent to mankind as the last prophet. He was a living example of the sublime morality of Allaah’s last revelation. He was a friend of Allaah and inspired humanity by his nearness to Him. He was His representative, noble in His eyes, and a friend to all believers.

The True Islaamic Morals

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Some people who say they are acting in the name of religion may misunderstand their religion or practice it wrongly. For this reason, it is a mistake to form any idea of that religion from the activities of these people. The best way to understand Islaam is through its holy source.
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