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Dr. Alsuwaidan’s Good Omen!

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Nothing pleased me lately as much as the last book of Dr. Tariq Alsuwaidan “Palestine: The Illustrated History” that was accomplished in March 2004 A.D, Moharram 1425 A.H. The reasons behind my happiness are many, amongst which are:

1- The distinguished content of the book which deals with the history of the Palestinian cause in five lengthy sections:

  • Palestine before Islam;
  • alestine in the Islamic era;
  • The ottoman period and the English reign;
  • Palestine under the Jewish occupation;
  • The intifada (uprising) and peace.

Each section is divided into detailed chapters that are rich in historical, biographical and statistical information.

2- The great artistic layout and the fine printing; The same level of attention paid to the content was also paid to the format. The book has 430 pages of big size glossy paper, incorporating 500 photographs and illustrations out of 10.000 pictures that were initially collected to present this valuable book in an inviting shape.

3- The attractive style of writing. I – and everybody I talked to about the book - agreed that the author – may Allah reward him – has a great ability to attract the reader’s attention and concentration. When you read the first pages of the book,you will find yourself progressing further.

This is expected in stories or in some types of literary writings, but the writer – with Allah’s aid – could also extend this to historical writing via several techniques such as dividing the text into small paragraphs that are aided with pictures, biographical names, and dates.

What pleased me the most amongst those rare advantages in Arabic and Islamic books, is the good omen Dr. Alsuwaidan brought to us in the fifth chapter “A futuristic lookof Palestine.” The author – aided by his scholarship – points out that liberating Alaqsa Mosque and Palestine from the occupying Zionists is possible and even probable if such prerequisites as sound planning, unification of efforts,and obtaining power and strength are met.

The omens of victory that the prophet (PBUH) borough to us such as the great battle between the Muslims and the Jews, and the stones and trees telling the Muslims that the Jews are hiding behind them are not expected to take place soon though. The holy Quran tells us about two phases of corruption the children of Israel inflict the earth with “And we decreed for the Children of Israel in the scripture: you verily will work corruption in the earth twice and you will become great tyrants” Al-Isra’, 4) Most scholars think that their first phase of corruption already took place until Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon deported them. 

Other scholars however think that the first phase ofcorruption was ended when the caliph Omar Ibn Alkhattab – May Allah be pleased with him – entered Jerusalem. Dr. Alsuwaidan however presents a new point of view as he thinks that since Allah said “So when the time of the first of the two [phases] comes, we roused against you slaves of Ours …” and Nebuchadnezzar was not a believer, it’s then unlikely that it was him, nor was it Omar Ibn Alkhattab since he liberated Alaqsa Mosque from the Christians not from the Jews. The author thus concludes that the first phase of corruption is taking place right now and stopping the injustice is possible if believers exert their best efforts. 

The omens mentioned by the prophets are to take place in the second era of corruption which did not take place yet according to Dr. Alsuwaidan.

In conclusion, I found valuable information on Sultan Abd-Ul-Hameed, Balfour’s promise, the black September, Camp David and many others. I’m sure that the readers will find a vail, joy, and read more good omens narrated to us by Dr. Alsuwaidan and the production team of the book may Allah bless their efforts. Allah is the greatest, to whom all praise is due. 

Osama Alshaheen -

Osama Alshaheen is a Kuwaiti writer and the deputy editor-in-chief of Aletehad Magazine.


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