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What is Zamzam water?

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Q. What is Zamzam water?
I heard it has healing properties, is that really true?

A. Dear Sarah,
Zamzam is a well in Makkah that sprang 4000 years ago when Ishmael the son of Abraham and Hagar pounded the ground with his feet out of thirst while his mother Hagar was running in the desert looking for water for her crying infant.
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One of Righteous Deeds: 'Haj

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“Righteous deeds” (A‘maal ’Saale’hah) are one of the key concepts of the ’Qura~n.

In Arabic, the word “righteousness” comprises the meanings of good, beneficial and right. In Arabic, the verb “to amend” (I’slaa’h) is also derived from the same root.

Consequently, in English, every type of beneficial and good work or action done for the good of religion is expressed by the word “righteous deed”.

“Believing as Ourselves” J. Lynn Jones

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I recall how awkward I felt when I saw Oum ‘Umar praying in the main prayer hall at the Purdue University’s Muslims Students Association (M.S.A.) mosque in West Lafayette, Indiana.

After all, isn’t congregational prayer required of men only? And shouldn’t women pray in their own separate hall away from men’s gawks, ogles, gazes, and stares?

For someone who grew up in Saudi Arabia, seeing a woman praying in the same prayer hall with men, albeit her taking a position clearly behind them, was bordering on perfidy.

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United Colours of

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Study by and with Heart

United Colours of ’Haj: United Masses (1)

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United Masses (1)
Last Updated on Sunday, 23 August 2009 23:33

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