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I-MAG Team

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 Editorial Board
Hayat Alyaqout
Hayat Alyaqout
[’Hayaat Alyaa’qoot]

Founder and Editor-in-Chief



Hayat Alyaqout is a freelance writer and the editor-in-chief of Nashiri E-publishing House. She earned a summa cum laude for her B.A. in political science and English language from Kuwait University. In the summer of 2003 she received a master’s degree in library and information science from Kuwait University. Alyaqout started publishing her articles in the Arab press since she was 17. 

  Personal website: www.hayatt.net
  E-mail: hayat@i-mag.org


Ibrahim Babelli
Ibrahim Babelli
[Ibraaheem Baabally]

Copyeditor & Editor  


  Ibrahim Babelli is a research scientist working for Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonate Research Center. He did his undergraduate work in Saudi Arabia and his graduate work in the USA. He published several books, papers and reports. He worked as a director and executive director in several campus publications in Prude University. Babelli speaks Arabic, English and French.

  E-mail: ibabelli@i-mag.org


Ahmad Konash
Ahmad Konash
[A’hmad Konash]

Head of Design Team




Ahmad Konash has a bachelor's degree in architecture from King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (K.F.U.P.M.), Saudi Arabia. He worked for Three years in 3Points; one of the leading Saudi Advertising Agencies. He is now doing his Master's degree in Media Arts in the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada
He has a deep interest in photography, graphics design and motion Graphics. Konash published many of his photographs and designs in different websites and publications.

 Personal website: www.konash.com
 E-mail: konash@i-mag.org

Hicham Maged
Hicham Maged
[Hishaam Maajid]

Special Tasks Coordinator


  Hicham Maged a bachelor's degree architecture and urban planning and design. He participated as a trainee in Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Egypt projects via its office in Egypt. He is an active member in amrkhaled.net forum of the TV show “Life Makers.”

 Personal website: www.hichamaged.net
 E-mail: hicham@i-mag.org


Rym Aoudia
[Reem Awdee']




Rym Aoudia has a B.A. English Language and Literature, Sultan Qaboos University. She has experience as a writing articles, stories, and poems; copywriting; and translation. Rym is a member of Dar al-Tarjama (a translation organization) and a member of the Islamic Writers Alliance (IWA).

  E-mail: rym@i-mag.org


Edwin Anthony




 Edwin Anthony graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Sociology and Psychology (upper), pursued in independent research into Asian and West European culture, history, religion, philosophy
Upon graduation, he undertook independent study in political philosophy, Indian and Chinese history before embarking upon a freelance writing career.  Prior to this,he set up my own web design/videography/sound production/art design/photography company.  Edwin says that his "whole life is dedicated to the search for truth, study and thought.  It's a calling I felt since i was in my late teens and which i felt compelled to pursue whatever the cost to myself."



  E-mail: edwin@i-mag.org



Advisory Board

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Dr. Teresa Lesher
Advisor to I-MAG





  E-mail: lesher@maktoob.com 


Creativity Team


Ahmad Al-Abdulatif
Graphics Designer
and Layout Artist



E-mail: eziner1@gmail.com 



Osaman Gazali  

Graphics Designer
and Layout Artist



Personal Website: www.siyahnur.com
E-mail: info@siyahnur.com


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