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Shooting FireWorks

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Wait until its perfect!
I see photographing fireworks just like painting art; the more time you give, the more it becomes beautiful. And that’s the only secret behind successful firework pictures that we “wow” on!


  • A Camera (SLR - Semi SLR).
  • A Tripod.
  • A Cable Release.
  • A height speed film (400) in the case you are using a Conventional camera.


  • Place the camera on the tripod, and choose the preferred position that would best suit the desired composition (Portrait, Landscape). If you don’t have a tripod, you can use a wall, a tree, or even an empty cola can!
  • Set the camera on Manual control “M”, and make sure that the flash isn’t on.
  • Set your Aperture to “F11”, and the Shutter to “B” (in case you don’t have this option in your camera, try several different shutter speeds, 2, 1”, 2”, and 4”).
  • Select Manual Focus. (MF), and set it to infinity “∞”.
  • If you have a Cable Release, plug it to the camera. It will enable you to maintain stability 100% to the camera, if you don’t have it, just make sure to be gentle when pressing the button, so you don’t move the camera.
  • Identify the direction and the latitude of the fireworks, and be ready.
  • Once you see that the firework has been sent to the sky, press the button, and no not release (in case using “B” mode) until the last spark is off. Waiting for the last spark to fade out is what creates the scenery.
  • Take more than one picture with different settings, this will increase your experience for the next time you shoot fireworks.

Translated by Ahmad Konash 

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