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Silhouette It!

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Silhouette It! IdeaIdea

Solar Eclipse!
The concept of a silhouette picture is exactly like the scene of a solar eclipse, an eclipse is a natural silhouette.

It is all about contrast created by placement. When a light source is exactly behind the object/person you are shooting, an outline of it/him will be captured, that’s a silhouette. 

Silhouette It! toolsTools

. A camera (S.L.R. - Semi S.L.R.).
. An object/person.
. A source of light.



Silhouette It! stepsFirst of all, this can be done in many ways, so let your imagination work. We’ll be presenting here one way of doing it.
Understand the concept behind it, and share your experiance with us, and who knows, maybe it will end up published in “Photo-Great” :)

1. Switch on your source of light;

2. Try to make the atmosphere as dark as possibale. You may switch the room light off as I did;

3. Place the object you want to “silhouette” in front of the source of light;

4. And SHOOT!
In our case, I had a mug which was between the lamp and the camera. Try to focus on the light source and then move the camera to the object you want to shoot in order to adjust the shutter speed automatically to high speed, if you did not get it, just stop at “and SHOOT!” part :)


Silhouette It!


Ahmad Konash -

Ahmad Konash [A’hmad Konash] is a senior student of architecture in King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia. He has a deep interest in photography and graphics design.Read More >>

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