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About I-MAG

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I-MAG short form for Islaamic Magazine.

To present Islaam and the Muslims as a vital part of the global community.

To be the No. 1 e-magazine conveying the spirit of Islaam and the Muslims.

I-MAG is an Islaamic and Intellectual magazine.
Free, online, non-profit, quarterly.

I-MAG is and will always be professional, fair, honest, and willing to grow and shape.

Enlighten your I

   Enlighten your I – the self, the intellect.
   Enlighten your I – the eye, the vision.

Target Audience:
The primary audience is any population of English speaking non-Muslims, with particular emphasis on the West in its general definition. There is and should always be a significant material and presentation overlap between our primary audience and our secondary audience of English speaking Muslims.

Competitive Advantages:
I-MAG caters to English speaking non-Muslims in non-traditional approach.
I-MAG is a free magazine.
I-MAG is visually and intellectually appealing.

I-MAG was established as an intellectual enlightenment project. It is non-dogmatic, has no pre-conceived stereotypes, and believes in critique and critical thinking. Online publishing makes I-MAG reachable to everyone at anytime and crosses borders despite geo-location. Publishing quarterly allows readers enough time to appreciate all the contents of the magazine and to entertain their journey towards enlightenment. Publishing for free socially interacts to establish a responsible economy that is free of charge, free of prejudice, and with free credible information.

The first issue of I-MAG was published on February 2005 which was followed by monthly issues up to May 2005. An evaluation and assessment of the past issues led to relaunching I-MAG as a quarterly magazine with a new look and thematic issues aiming for better quality rather than quantity.

I-MAG is available in PDF file format for free download. From January 2007 all issues were also made available in HTML format available on the website.  As of June 2008, all issues were also made available in Flash format on the website too.


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Legal Notice
All articles published in I-MAG are the personal opinions of their writers. I-MAG takes no responsibility for the views expressed in the magazine or the website in general.
© All rights are reserved; no part of this magazine may be republished without a written permission. Printing hard copies of I-MAG and distributing them is however allowed and welcomed. I-MAG is a free magazine, please do not sell it.

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